Our “CMRF” Gymnastics

Our “CMRF” Gymnastics

The world of gymnastics is small but the sport has many layers and levels of participation. As with any discipline one can participate as a hobby or they can pursue it to the fullest reaches it can provide.  Gymnastics professionals continually preach the overall benefits of a gymnastics education that far outweigh those of other “traditional sports”, because at any level of participation in gymnastics, full body preparation and development occur. In this aspect gymnastics is the sport for all sports. Gymnastics is an education unlike any other.

Think of the movements that there are in other sports; they are relatively straight forward and linier in approach. A baseball swing, a throw, a kick, running, a golf swing, and even at the most complicated levels of a sport the movements do not compare or hardly combine to reach the number ways a gymnast is asked to move their body and the precision in which they are asked to performed said movements. This is why a gymnast’s development lends itself so dramatically to the development of all skill sets and sports.

Conversely gymnastics training at any level lends itself to educational growth as well. Figuring out a process, problem solving, constant persistence to achieve success, dealing with failure and confidence in oneself are key attributes to the overall education process and gymnastics development provides these.

This brings us to the difference in gymnastics approaches, the competitive vs. the instructional. To best understand the difference between competitive gymnastics and instructional gymnastics is best compared to little league and professional, or elementary school vs college. What it comes down to is intensity, level of development, commitment, and desire.

Instructional is like little league or elementary school, the rules are simple, the building blocks are formed, and the intensity is at a lower level as well as the commitment and or financial obligation. An instructional program provides the basics, and the developmental structure that will be necessary to achieve a competitive level of participation.  However the intensity comes from what the gymnast puts into it. In an instructional program the expectations are set and through constant encouragement skills are achieved.

The same is true for a competitive program; however the performance expectations, level of intense training and commitment in both time and money becomes greater. A competitive program is professional in a manner of speaking. There is a greater degree and complication of rules, higher degree of skill level and performance expectations, greater degree of physical and mental preparation and these continually grow with each level of advancement. There are levels within levels, stages within stages, and time and commitment are key factors to growth and success.

What Chalky Mountain provides is an instructional approach designated by a level structure. Like that of an elementary school or even a preschool we establish levels to help foster a passion for the sport while providing structure and appropriate development and intensity. Our programs are age based and skill based providing avenues that address each student’s individual needs and or readiness. We use a challenge process to evaluate development; help establish goals, recognize achievement, and to establish a knowledge base for continued growth. Our instructional program provides a tiered approach to development that enables our gymnasts to increase their level of intensity and passion at their own pace.   Our programs allow for the rate of development that is right for each student and that it happens on their timetable not ours. We encourage, educate, engage and entertain our gymnasts daily to give each and every one an enjoyable and beneficial experience. Our program is built to provide the wonderful aspects of gymnastics to any participant. With the right frame of mind from Chalky Mountain to anywhere you’ll be able to do it all.

As for the competitive side, Chalky Mountain has always had a good relationship with Liberty Gymnastics Academy. Their mission is to foster the competitive gymnast and offers a variety of competitive programs. “Positive Progress Though Simple Discipline” is their goal! Our two programs marry well and together we foster the love of gymnastics and what this sport can do for us.


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