Gymnastics is a complete body sport, but tumbling skills create the foundation for much of the necessary development a gymnast, cheerleader or anyone who is interested in learning or advancing the way their body moves.  Whether you are a beginner or an advanced tumbler this camp will work your skills! Tumbling Camp will meet from Monday -Thursday for 3hrs of tumbling training each day.   Tumblers will be given a short break to snack and refuel for the remainder of the day! This camp is for beginners to advanced tumblers from 5-12 years of age!

Learn the art of cheer leading and stunting!  This camp is for girls ages 5-12 years old and will teach jumps, motions and basic stunting as well as group cheer routines.   Join our cheer coaches for a fun and educational cheer experience!

This camp will utilize obstacle courses,  fun activities, games and, physical challenges to get fit and be active. Like Ninja warrior or Parkour this class combines both aspects into one fun class!  This class is for children 5-13 years of age and is a great physical prep for all sport programs.

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