Friday Fun Nights

Friday Fun Nights

About Friday Fun Nights

  • Special themed events designed to engage and entertain.
  • instructor orientated and lead (not an open gym)
  • 10 pre sign ups required to hold the event
  • if canceled due to low pre-sign ups or weather, cancelation will be noted on our Facebook page and an email will be sent to our customers.
  • limited 50 total participants
  • pre-sign up is not required however if not pre-signed up walk in entrance is not guaranteed.
  • all guests after the 50 max participants will be turned away (sorry)
  • to pre-sign up email us at
  • we require a parent or guardian to sign in each participant and sign our waiver form upon admittance along with payment.
  • credit card, cash, & check accepted.
  • snacks and drinks are available for purchase or you can bring your own.
  • Parents & or guardian must sign out guests upon exit.
  • all gym safety rules apply
  • parents will be notified if behavior or injury requires it.

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