Our “CMRF” Gymnastics

Our “CMRF” Gymnastics


The sport of gymnastics has many layers and levels of participation and like many activities your son or daughter may participate in; they can do so as a hobby or you can pursue it to the fullest reaches it can provide.  At Chalky Mountain we aim to provide gymnastics instruction that provides a foundation for whatever pursuit you wish. Our simple mission is to teach through the  sport of gymnastics  “a happy and healthy youth lifestyle”.

Gymnastics professionals continually preach the overall benefits of a gymnastics education that far outweigh those of other “traditional sports”! At any level of gymnastics participation,  full body preparation and development occur. Because of this gymnastics is the sport for all sports.

Gymnastics also correlates well with educational growth. Figuring out a process, problem solving, constant persistence to achieve success, dealing with failure and confidence in oneself are key attributes to the overall education process and gymnastics development can provide,  strengthen and enhance these in students. You wont find any other sports related activity that provides a solid foundation in both gross motor and cognitive development in preschool aged students!

So what is the difference between competitive and instructional gymnastics?

In short the difference between a competitive program and an instructional program is intensity, time and money.

A competitive program pushes development by spending greater amounts of time per day per week practicing. Because of the greater amounts of time spent in the gym, a competitive program develops gymnastics skills faster but comes a greater expense. A competitive program also develops gymnastics skills for competition readiness to achieve success as a competitor in the designated level. There are multiple levels with increasing difficulty with every advancement.  Competitive gymnasts typically work out as little as 4 hrs. a week and as many as 22-30 hrs. a week.

An instructional program aims to develop the same foundations and skill development at a slower pace. The intensity is greatly decreased as is the expense.  Because there is a much smaller practice window, skill and concept development will be slower and happen over a greater span of time.    Development typically happens at the child’s own pace, where expectations meet their desired level of participation and not the other way around. An instructional gymnast will work out an hour to and hour and a half one time a week.  An instructional program typically is the beginning point on the road to becoming a competitive gymnast.

How then is Chalky Mountains Gymnastics program designed?

What Chalky Mountain provides is an instructional approach designated by a level structure. We’ve established levels to help foster a passion for the sport while providing structure and appropriate development and intensity levels. Our programs are age based and skill based providing avenues that address each student’s individual needs and or readiness. Our programs allow for the rate of development that is right for each student and that it happens on their timetable not ours.

We use progress reports regularly to update parents.  Our progress reports help establish goals, recognize achievement, and encourage development.

We engage, encourage, educate, and entertain our gymnasts daily to give each and every one an enjoyable and beneficial experience. Our program is built to provide the wonderful aspects of gymnastics to any participant.

As for the competitive side, Chalky Mountain has always had a good relationship with Liberty Gymnastics Academy. Their mission is to foster the competitive gymnast and offers a variety of competitive programs. “Positive Progress Though Simple Discipline” is their goal! Our two programs marry well and together we foster the love of gymnastics and what this sport can do for us.


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