Here are the Preschool Classes we offer:

Parent & Tot Class:                                                              
18 months to 2 years old.
Parent Participation Required (45 minute class)
This is an introduction to gymnastics and overall gross motor development. Our coach will guide parents and students through gymnastics education. This class teaches simple gymnastics elements, while aiding in the development of children’s body awareness and coordination.

Chalky Tots:
3 year olds / 45 minute Class
This class is a continuation of our Parent & Tot platform, where students now participate individually in class. This class focuses on teaching appropriate behavior in group settings, basic norms and rules in preparation for greater gymnastics, and social and emotional development.

Rocket Tots:
4 year olds / 1 Hour Class
Our Rocket Tots program maintains gross motor development, however this class is the gateway class to both our instructional and developmental programs. Similar to the other preschool classes, gymnastic skills are taught using progressions and repetition to provide an optimal learning environment.

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